Animal Parents Who Just Say Everything We Feel About Parenting

Ah, the joys of parenthood. You wake up early, make breakfast that your kid throws on the floor, drive them to school, pick them up, deal with the drama they brought home, and then rinse and repeat. It’s a long life that these animal parents can also relate to.

It’s not often we see ourselves so perfectly in our animal counterparts, but these worn-out critters will definitely have you saying “I’ve been there” as you’re reading. All these animal parents need is a good 8 hours of sleep and a little privacy –– they’ll probably never get either.

Motherhood Really Transformed This Cat

cat nursing so many kittens they make her look wild
Photo Credit: bigshmoo / Reddit
Photo Credit: bigshmoo / Reddit

Some days you wake up as a mother and you don’t feel quite human. Maybe your kid put cereal in your bed while you slept so you would have some bright and early, or maybe you got a solid 20 minutes of sleep the night before and you think you’ve transitioned into the spectral realm. It happens.

This cat can attest to that. The internet has affectionately dubbed this cat-mom “Cathulu” and yeah, that’s pretty accurate for the kind of supernatural being that motherhood’s transformed this little lady into.