Animal Photobombs That May Brighten Your Day

In the age of the iPhone we are always taking selfies, group shots, bathroom shots, animal shots, you name it, and there’s a shot. But it seems as though the only pictures we really need in life are perfectly timed animal photobombs. Who doesn’t love seeing a goofy dog pose in front of a family Christmas picture by accident? Get ready for a good laugh with this list of silly creatures.

This Dog Just Wanted To Go For A Joy Ride

This perfectly timed shot looks like something out of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Not that we’re complaining! The happy pooch looks like he is having the time of his life on this drive. And if that smile is any indication, it’s safe to say he’s definitely not on his way to the vet.

Dog_Driving_CutesyPooh_com-35665 / Pinterest / Pinterest

Where would your dog go if they could hop behind the wheel and drive somewhere? Here’s to hoping there are no car crashes from curious onlookers. 13/10 good driving boi.