These Animals Have All The Answers On How To Beat The Heat

If you’re a pet owner, you understand the feeling of being willing to do anything to protect your precious fur-baby. Whether that’s setting them up with their own kiddie pool, sharing your popsicle with them, or making room for them to climb directly into the fridge, pet owners need to make sure they’re taking care of their overheated pets in these record-breaking high temperatures.

Remember folks, if you can’t handle the heat, neither can an animal covered in fur! Get them a fan (or three).

Belle Of The Ball

14 y/o dog with three fans
Photo Credit: Twitter / @buzymamaofboyz
Photo Credit: Twitter / @buzymamaofboyz

“When there is a heatwave, our 14-year-old dog, Queen Belle, gets every fan in the house, as she should.”

Queen Belle deserves everything she has ever dreamed of and it’s your responsibility as her owner to give her whatever she wants. Whether that be three fans or an unlimited supply of milk bones or ice cubes to chomp on to keep her cool, Queen Belle gets what Queen Belle wants!