Animals Doing The “Mlem” And It’ll Melt Your Heart With How Cute It Is

The “mlem,” the “blop,” or the controversial “blep” in some circles is basically the cutest thing ever and here’s our case why. It’s animals sticking their tongues out slightly and that’s it. That’s literally all it is.

These good boys and girls are breaking all kinds of rules being this darn cute with these pink tongues. Whatever kind of day you were having before this doesn’t matter anymore since one look at these photos will have you in a puddle of happiness on the floor.

This Vintage 20-Year-Old Mlem

cat celebrating salmon birthday 20
Photo Credit: @broderick / Twitter
Photo Credit: @broderick / Twitter

The mlem is for kitties all shapes, sizes, and ages –– it’s the most inclusive pet trend sweeping the internet. Move over bow ribbons on collars and booties for paws, the mlem is being embraced by all our furry friends. That includes our senior citizens.

Happy birthday you sweet old soul! When @broderick tweeted this gem out he captioned the photo saying “there’s no way to emotionally prepare yourself for how this cat looks.” He’s absolutely right. This senior kitty has shot an arrow right through our hearts and we’re smitten.