Animals With Abilities That Are Basically Superpowers

Many of our favorite stories are about people who have special powers. From invisibility to flying to super strength, we love tales of unique abilities. In the animal kingdom, some real-life creatures have abilities so amazing you could almost call them superpowers. You’re about to meet some of these animals. Prepare yourself to be jealous of their unbelievable abilities!

The ‘Pistol Shrimp’ Is A Real Stunner

Reinhard Dirscherl/ullsteinbild via Getty Images

Don’t call these guys “shrimp” unless you’re prepared to fight. With the snap of a claw, the pistol shrimp produces “bubble bullets” that can move as fast as a car! These bubbles will stun or even kill enemies, and the snapping sound that goes along with the claw movement can be louder than a gunshot.