There’s An App That Lets Strangers Help The Blind That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

It’s easy to feel like sometimes you’re alone. For people living with challenges others might not have, often times it can be hard to reach out for assistance. ‘Be My Eyes’ is here and trying to help.

‘Be My Eyes’ is a free app that puts strangers in contact with the visually impaired to provide visual assistance when people need it. It’s as easy as helping someone pick out a shirt or choose a ripe apple. Check out this and other initiatives and people that are making the world a better place for us all.

It’s As Easy As A Video Call

visually impaired blind person walking down street with cane
Photo Credit: BSIP / Universal Images Group / Getty Images
Photo Credit: BSIP / Universal Images Group / Getty Images

When a blind or low sighted person needs a pair of eyes for a task they will engage an available volunteer in a video call with them to help do whatever they need to do. It’s that simple.

The volunteer will tell them where to move their camera and guide them where to move. Be My Eyes is free and operates on a volunteer basis – that way nobody is forced into accepting or giving help when they don’t need it or don’t want to.