This artist airbrushes sick kids to cheer them up and it works

New Zealand artist Benjamin Lloyd has found a unique and fun way to give sick kids overwhelming confidence.

It all started when he began using an airbrush to give his step-son awesome temporary tattoos.

Lloyd noticed that his creations gave his step-son a huge boost of confidence.

Lloyd’s step-son passed away two years ago and it nspired the artist to give kids everywhere the same joy.

On May 22nd,  Benjamin announced on facebook that every kid at Aukland’s Starship Children’s Hospital would get temporary tattoos if his post wracked up 50 likes.

When the artist woke up in the morning his Facebook post had 400,000 thousand likes.\

His post gained so much momentum that a local news crew picked up the story the next morning and put Benjamin in touch with the right people at the Starship Children’s Hospital.

“Nothing brings me more joy than boosting kids confidence with a custom tattoo,” wrote Lloyd on Facebook. “The only bad thing [with the temporary tattoo] is that they don’t want to take a shower afterwards,” he joked on facebook.

The artist really does some amazing work.

Kid tattoos for sick kids from amazing artist
Sick children with airbrush tattoos
Air brushed tattoos for sick children

Just look at the smile on this little boys face.

Airbrush tattoos for children

His work is really intricate as well.

Kid tattoo airbrushing for sick children