This artist creates dog sculptures from recycled bicycle chains

Artist Nirit Levav is a multidisciplinary artist who says her inspiration comes from an affinity between art and recycling.

In 2010 the artist left their career as a fashion designer to focus on a different kind of art.

“Unchained, is a collection of real-size dogs sculptures, made out of recycled bicycle parts, mostly chains,” the artist explains.

“My intention was to capture the dogs’ gentleness and sensitivity, each one and its own unique expressions, despite the use of scrap metal. Hope you’ll enjoy it. I love to make people smile through my art.”

Here is some of their unchained artwork in action.

Unchained dog art work
Dog artwork using recycled bicycle chains
Unchained dog art - Very cool
Cool unchained dog work
Dog sculpture with bicycle chains

Sue also uses other parts of the bike in some of her creations.

Unchained - Dog art made from recycled bike chains

Here’s the artist in action.

Unchained - Dogs

Meet Nirit Levav

Nirit Levav - Artist

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