This Artist Is Making One New Origami Creation Every Day For A Year

Artist Ross Symons made a New Year’s resolution this year and unlike many of us, he is still working to fulfill his personal promise. Through his Instagram account Symons has been creating a new original origami creation every single day.

His creations range from simple Facebook logo designs, to more complex Yoda origami sculptures that any Star Wars fan can appreciate.

Symons decided to take on his personal challenge to learn patience and planning, as well as to improve at his craft.

Some of his creations started with very simple designs, but he has since improved his origami skills, leading to some really awesome creations.

1. Star Wars At-At

At-At Origami

2. Batman Origami

Batman Origami

3. Computer Mouse Origami

Computer Mouse Origami

4. Darth Vader Origami

Darth Vader Origami

5. Diplodocus Origami

Diplodocus Origami

6. Facebook Origami

Facebook Origami

7. Guy Fawkes Origami 8. Instagram Origami 9. Iron Man Origami 10. Killer Whale Origami 11. Panda Bear Origami 12. Red Rooster Origami 13. Rhinoceros Origami 14. Triceratops Origami 15. Yoda Origami 16. Scream Mask Origami

Guy Fawkes Origami
Instagram Origami
Iron Man Origami
Killer Whale Origami
Panda Origami
Red Rooster Origami
Rhino Origami
Triceratop Origami
Yoda Origami
Scream Mask Origami

Be sure to follow the origami artist via Ross SymonsFacebook and @white_onrice.