Athletes’ Kids Steal The Show At Press Conferences And We Love It

Don’t you love seeing Riley Curry all smiles alongside Steph Curry after he wins a championship? Bring your kid to work day is always a good time when your parent is a professional athlete! These players enjoy letting their children absorb the limelight with them at press conferences and team events, and these children steal the show every time.

Natalia And Gianna Make An Appearance

Natalia And Gianna Make An Appearance

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kobe Bryant’s dream was always to be the best in the NBA. For an extended number of years, he fulfilled this dream. A part of achieving this dream meant securing championships; something Bryant did five times.

After the Lakers won the 2010 NBA title, Bryant spoke with the press as usual, but he brought along his daughters as well. Natalia and Gianna are often seen sitting courtside at games. It was nice of Bryant to bring them out in one his proudest moments.