No one showed up at her birthday last year. This year? A much different story

Autism birthday presents from strangers

Hallee Sorenson, a young girl with autism, was heartbroken on her 18th birthday when none of the kids from her school showed up to celebrate.

Her family was forced to watch her eat her birthday cake alone, so Sorenson’s cousin Rebecca Guildford took to social media to ask for help.

Guildford wrote a Facebook post that would be shared more than 237,000 times.

Soon after her message was posted packages started to arrive from as far away as Afghanistan and Germany.

People close to home also sent flowers and balloons.

Soon the autistic teen was receiving thousands of letters and packages from around the world.

Her actual birthday is July 2 so this is a welcomed early present.

Such an amazing story.

For more information on how you can wish this wonderful girl a happy birthday, be sure to visit Hallee Sorenson’s birthday page.