These Babies Think They Are Food And It’s So Cute

What is more cute than a baby smiling into a camera lens? How about babies that are dressed up like oranges, broccoli, Twinkies, and even freshly wrapped baby sushi. These little tykes think they are food and their awesome costumes had me in stitches.

1. A cutie dressed like a Cutie.

Baby Dressed like Cutie Oranges
Via: HuffPost

2. Sushi baby.

Baby Sushi
Via: 1Funny

3. These Twins make for some really adorable Twinkies.

Twin Babies dressed like Twinkies
Via: Do You JP

4. I have a feeling this baby is longer than a footlong.

Baby Dressed like Subway Sandwich
Via: Media Cache

5. Spaghetti and Meatballs baby.

Baby Dressed like Spaghetti
Via: Blogspot

6. A squishy little Peeps baby.

Baby Dressed like Peep
Via: OMG Cute Things

7. A hot dog baby with mustard.

Baby Dressed like Hot Dog
Via: Blogspot

8. Broccoli sucking on its own thumb.

Baby Dressed like Broccoli

9. Bacon baby.

Baby Dressed like Bacon
Via: Add Funny

10. A Baby Wrap for the health conscious foodie.

Baby Dressed like a wrap
Via: MyBS

11. A Turkey baby.

Baby Dressed like a turkey
Via: The Pliver

12. Baby Corn.

Baby Dressed like Candy Corn

13. Baby pizza.

Baby Dressed like Pizza
Via: Acid Cow

14. Baby Popcorn.

Baby Dressed like Popcorn

15. Baby Taco attempts to crawl away.

Baby Dressed like Taco
Via: Storkie

16. Baby Lobster.

Baby Dressed like a Lobster
Via: OMG Cute Things

17. Baby Tootsie Roll.

Baby Dressed like a Tootsie Roll
Via: OMG Cute Things

GiveItLove does not condone the actual eating of baby’s in food costumes, even if they look deliciously cute.