Beware Of Dog Owner: Bad Habits That Might Be Confusing Your Dog

Having a dog is very rewarding, but there’s a lot to learn to become the best companion for them, too. Even experienced owners may be unaware that something they’re doing is confusing their dog. Keep reading to see why playing tug-of-war, wagging your finger, and other common behaviors can be confusing to your dog.

Petting Your Stressed Out Dog

When our pets show signs of stress, we may want to comfort them like we would a human. However, veterinarian Heather Venkat explained to Insider, “You’re actually encouraging fearful behavior through sweet talk and petting.”

Simone Dalmeri/Unsplash
Simone Dalmeri/Unsplash

Instead, try doing some commands for treats. The routine of “sit,” “down,” “stand,” etc., can be distracting and comforting to dogs. It’s also a good idea to take them away from the stressor by going into a different room or for a walk.