Bears Are Hilarious When They Act Like Humans, Here’s Proof

When animals act like humans the results are hilarious. Sometimes a simple wave hello is enough to put a smile on our face. However, these bears go much further. In some cases they walk on two feet down a public road, in other cases they kick back and relax in a hammock.

In my personal favorite photo, one bear stands behind a camera that is placed on a tripod, the bear literally looks like it is taking a photo.

1. The Embarrassed Panda

Bear Acting Human
Via: Imgur

2. The Chillin’ In A Chair Bear

Bear Acting Like A Human - Sitting in a Chair
Via: Reddit

3. The Popular Waving Hello Bear

Bear Acting Like A Human
Via: Imgur

4. The Going For A Drive Bear

Bear Being Human
Via: Reddit

5. The Playing Tetherball Bear

Bear Is just like a human
Via: Reddit

6. The Relaxing By The Lake Bear

Bear Relaxing in a chair by the lake
Via: Reddit

7. This Bear Thinks It Can Jet Ski

Bear Riding a Jet Ski
Via: Reddit

8. This Bear Has A Lambo. I’m Jealous

Bear Riding In A Lambo
Via: Reddit

9. Where’s My Picnic Basket

Bear Sitting at a Picnic Table
Via: Reddit

10. The Photographer Bear

Bear Using A Camera To Take Pictures
Via: Reddit

11. The Walking Like A Human Bear

Bear Walking Down The Road on Two Feet
Via: Reddit

12. Nature, A Bears Personal Urinal

Bears Peeing In The Woods Standing Up
Via: 500px

13. Stealing A Dumpster. Even Bears Can Be Thieves

Bears Stealing a Garbage Dumpster
Via: Reddit

14. The Kung Fu Fighting Bear

Funny Bear Acts Like A Human
Via: Tumblr

15. The Daily Newspaper Reading Bear

Funny Bear Reading A Newspaper
Via: Reddit

16. Panda Bears Playing At The Park

Funny Bears Acting like People
Via: Reddit

17. Panda Bears Playing On A Slide

Panda Bears Going Down Slide
Via: Persephone Magazine

18. The Polar Bear Basketball Player

Polar Bear Plays Underwater Basketball
Via: Arwratch

19. The Hammock Relaxing Bear

Real Bear Relaxing In A Hammock
Via: Reddit

20. Bears Having A Family Argument

Real Bears Having A Family Conversation
Via: Reddit

21. The Michael Jackson Impersonating Dance Bear

Real Dancing Bear - Michael Jackson Style
Via: 500px

22. The BBQ Cooking Bear

These Bears Act Like Humans
Via: Reddit

23. This Cute Little Bear Cub Plays Hide And Seek

What Happens When Bears Act Like Humans
Via: Reddit

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