The 21 times Neil deGrasse Tyson blew our minds with tweets in 2015

Best Neil DeGrasse Tyson Twitter tweets in 2015

How can someone not love Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’s an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator who makes us all feel and sound smarter by breaking down some of the most complex parts of our universe into easy to understand and share messages.

Tyson is also the host of the StarTalk podcast and the host of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. The very same show that was created by Carl Sagan in the 1980s.

Perhaps most importantly, he has a social media following of 4.6 million Twitter followers who want to be introduced and learn about the world of astrophysics.

Whether tweeting about the hyper-realism of The Martian or just spewing some awesome knowledge our way, Tyson has earned some serious Twitter cred among his followers.

Here are our absolute favorite Neil deGrasse Tyson tweets for 2015.

1. When he called out Family Guy  but then second guessed himself.

2. When he explained flight attendant talk to us.

3. When he integrated algebra and pizza in a delicious way.

4. When he made you rethink Venus and STDs.

5. When he demonstrated global warming with bikini briefs.

6. When he wanted you to appreciate your last 5 billion years on Earth.

7. When he explained what happens if Earth suddenly stopped rotating.

8. And then he continued talking about Earth’s rotation.

9. When he explained what it feels like to an ant when you step on it.

10. When he called Pluto a dwarf planet because… It is.

11. When he reminded humans that a dog beat us into space.

12. When he explained how awesome the space station really is.

13. When he explained why the term ‘Meteoric Rise’ is non-sensical.

14. When he compared a football player to a bullet and it was scary.

15. Neil deGrasse Tyson has a favorite temperature. He’s that smart.

16. When he expressed major concerns for the Pillsbury Doughboy:

17. When he brought science to our Fourth of July celebrations:

18. When he invaded our brunch with some serious star knowledge.

19. When he explained what helium means and it blew our minds.

20. When he talked about pizza and a super moon in the same sentence.

21. And finally when he tweeted this hilarious burn at all us humans.