This bicyclist found a puppy in the middle of nowhere and changed her life

Abandoned puppy in the middle of nowhere

Youtube user shiftpgdn was just minding his own business on a bike ride in the middle of nowhere when he stumbled upon something he never expected to see.

Left on the side of the road was a box and inside that box was a happy little puppy.

After waiting a moment to examine the puppy, the bicyclist soon realized that the abandoned pet was very friendly and she just needed to be rescued.

Because he was on his bike there was only one option — he stuck the puppy in his shirt and took her for a ride to his house.

The video was posted on YouTube in the hopes that someone might be looking for a puppy to adopt.

Not long after he posted this video, a neighbor asked to adopt the little girl and she now has her forever home!

Here’s the adorable video of the cute little puppy and her new hero.