Biddy The Hedgehog Is The World’s Best Traveling Partner

Reddit user kamil1308 has the best and possibly cutest traveling partner of all time, a little hedgehog named Biddy. Together the pair take road trips and capture their fun in photographs.

1. Biddy sees their first windmills.

2. Biddy At A Waterfall.

3. Biddy Enjoying Nature.

4. Biddy at Mount Rushmore.

5. Biddy Goofy Around On the Road.

6. Biddy At tHe Lake.

7. Biddy In The Wild.

8. This Little Hedgehog Makes the Cutest Faces.

9. BIddy Doesn’t Mind The Cold.

10. This Hedgehog Travels More Than I Do!

11. Biddy Continues On Their Journeys.

Biddy the Hedgehog is definitely the most adorable traveling partner I have ever witnessed.