Bill And Melinda Gates’ Predictions About The Future Are Usually Right. Here’s What They See Now

Bill Gates has made dozens of predictions over the years and almost all of them have come true. From the creation of social media networks to more effectively fighting diseases, Gates has a knack for understanding how our world will change before it happens.

Since founding the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, Gates and his wife have traveled the world in search of cures for diseases, solutions to slow child and maternal mortality rates, and answers to our growing energy crisis. In the last several years both Bill and Melinda have made some pretty big predictions about what the world will look like by 2035. Wait until you hear why Bill Gates thinks we will cure HIV before math and science scores improve in the USA.

Africa Will Be Self-Sufficient For Food Production



Gates has spent a lot of time investing in diverse technologies that can help the people of Africa feed their population and provide them with increasing medical care. Gates says there are many structural changes in the continent that are helping achieve this goal. Better fertilizers and crops are already leading to greater nutrition satisfaction which Gates believes will result in higher productivity. Infrastructure is improving in the continent too, allowing for more efficient distribution zones. Gates also believes the increase in communication led by more cell phone usage will provide better information about weather reports and market prices.