Bill And Melinda Gates’ Predictions About The Future Are Usually Right. Here’s What They See Now

Bill Gates has made dozens of predictions over the years and almost all of them have come true. From the creation of social media networks to more effectively fighting diseases, Gates has a knack for understanding how our world will change before it happens.

Since founding the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, Gates and his wife have traveled the world in search of cures for diseases, solutions to slow child and maternal mortality rates, and answers to our growing energy crisis. In the last several years both Bill and Melinda have made some pretty big predictions about what the world will look like by 2035. Wait until you hear why Bill Gates thinks we will cure HIV before math and science scores improve in the USA.

Africa Will Be Self-Sufficient For Food Production



Gates has spent a lot of time investing in diverse technologies that can help the people of Africa feed their population and provide them with increasing medical care. Gates says there are many structural changes in the continent that are helping achieve this goal. Better fertilizers and crops are already leading to greater nutrition satisfaction which Gates believes will result in higher productivity. Infrastructure is improving in the continent too, allowing for more efficient distribution zones. Gates also believes the increase in communication led by more cell phone usage will provide better information about weather reports and market prices.

Mobile Banking Will Have a Significant Impact On The Poor

Gates and mobile banking


In his coveted 2015 annual letter, Mr. Gates said the impact of mobile banking will have a significant and positive impact on more than two billion poor people around the world. Gates said people without bank accounts will be able to store their money on mobile devices and make payments from those devices. Gates doesn’t think this process will take long with a majority of access to mobile banking provided around the globe by 2030. We’re already seeing the effects of electronic banking systems with online accounts available at little to no cost. Platforms such as Venmo have also made it easier than ever to send money from our mobile devices. The poor also won’t be as poor, as you’ll see in our next example.

By 2035 There Will Be No Poor Countries

Bill Gates At Hearing

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The term “developing countries,” as the name states, are areas that still need to build their infrastructure in order to compete with larger economies of scale. Gates is convinced that by 2035 there will no longer be any “poor” countries. In his 2014 letter, he wrote, “aid is a fantastic investment, and we should be doing more. It saves and improves lives very effectively, laying the groundwork for […] long-term economic progress.” Globalization and international cooperation have already proven to be a beacon of hope for many countries who have massively scaled their economies. India is the perfect example of a country that has worked diligently to enter the 21st century with a focus on technology and growth.

A Clean Energy Breakthrough Will Revolutionize The Planet By 2030

Bill Gates Clean Energy Predictions

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Bill Gates has invested more than $2 billion in alternative energy tech and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In 2016, Gates predicted that an investment in young people will help improve energy technologies. By 2030, Gates believes some type of alternative energy breakthrough will provide our planet with cheap energy that is better for the environment. We have already seen massive and growing adoption of current clean energy technologies but Gates believes a new option will become available and become quickly adopted all over the planet. We’re not sure how this sits with Elon Musk who has promised a future full of batteries. Clean energy will be great for the planet but millions of people might lose their jobs because of the next prediction…

Automation Will Remove Millions Of Jobs

Bill Gates says jobs will be lost to automation

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We have already started to witness the automation of many jobs. Bots operating on neural networks are able to reply as if they are human, car manufacturers are constantly replacing human workers with robots, and many business intelligence processes have been automated. Gates believes the U.S. government will eventually need to tax robots in order to fund jobs that can only be performed by humans. Although Gates believes some jobs such as child and elderly care will always need a human touch, he says humans will adapt as they always have to find new jobs that match the needs of modern times.

A Pathogen Could Kill 33 Million People — Possibly Through Bioterrorism

Bill And Melinda Gates Predictions for the world

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Bill Gates was speaking at the Munich Security conference when he said a fast-moving airborne pathogen could “kill more than 30 million people in less than a year.” Whether from terrorism, by accident, or through a mutation, Gates worries that we are on the verge of another Spanish Flu type epidemic. The Spanish Flu incident was the most recent example of a deadly virus attack and occurred in 1918. With a growing percentage of people in the United States refusing vaccinations, this is a scary scenario that could feasibly play out within the next 15 years as Gates predicts.

A Universal Basic Income Will Become A Reality

Bill Gates predict Universal Basic Income

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Bill Gates predicted in February 2017 that eventually countries will be rich enough to finance a universal basic income (UBI) that will be received by every person of legal age. As robots replace an increasing number of workers, Gates believes wealth will continue to increase and eventually countries will be rich enough to finance a UBI. Gates admits that right now, even the United States doesn’t have enough wealth to guarantee this type of assistance to every American in need. Gates believes we are already moving in this direction with such tax breaks as the earned income tax credit which is essentially a “negative tax” option.

Polio Will Be Eradicated By 2019

Bill Gates Predicts Polio Eradication

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Bill Gates has spent billions of dollars attempting to eradicate diseases in the poorest countries. During his 2013 annual letter, Gates revealed that global efforts to eliminate polio have been hugely successful. The disease, which used to affect millions of people every year, has been reduced to only three countries. Gates says it is “measurement” that will end Polio by 2019. “You have to measure accurately, as well as create an environment where problems can be discussed openly so you can effectively evaluate what’s working and what’s not.” Eliminating this deadly disease would be a huge win for the medical community and vaccination supporters. That isn’t the only good medical prediction from Bill Gates…

Experimental Blood Tests Will Help Treat Diseases Earlier

Bill Gates and Blood Testing Technology

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This prediction by Bill and Melinda Gates is backed by an industry that is already making progress. Gates notes in his foundation’s new “Goalkeepers” report that researchers are “researchers are making inroads toward smarter, more accurate cancer diagnostics. Some American labs have even created experimental blood tests that can diagnose cancer months earlier than the current gold-standard techniques.” Gates believes we will see “big progress” in terms of diagnostic tools which could save millions of lives every single year, even without a direct cure to many diseases. Gates doesn’t point to any specific example of this technology but remains hopefully better blood tests will make a big difference. Advances are also sure to help children live happy and healthy lives…

The Child Mortality Rate Will Drastically Decline Worldwide

Bill Gates Predicts Decrease in Child Mortality Rates Globally

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The Goalkeepers report from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is hoping that the childhood mortality rate for children five and younger will continue to improve. In 2016, an astonishing five million cases of childhood mortality were recorded. Gates believes that number will drop to around two million. Gates credits the decline with better access to emergency medical care, vaccination education, and other forms of intervention. “Close to half of the almost 5 million children who will die next year will die in the first 28 days of their lives. Most could be saved by a few simple interventions: for example, resuscitation if they can’t breathe, antiseptics that cost pennies to prevent infection, and breastfeeding to strengthen their immune systems,” Melinda Gates explains. But not all medical predictions from Bill and Melinda are good, especially for HIV.

HIV Could See A Re-Emergence If Certain Actions Continue

Bill Gates and HIV Epidemic

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Bill and Melinda Gates both fear that global HIV cases could increase significantly by 2030. In their Goalkeepers report, Bill Gates notes that funding from major HIV research supporters could be reduced by upwards of 10 percent which would lead to a regression in HIV education. Gates worries that a reduction in funding will lead to a new epidemic. “Governments in both donor and developing countries that responded so aggressively to the crisis 15 years ago are now focusing on other things. Funding for HIV control has been flat, and now there’s talk of cuts. In a world of competing priorities and limited resources, these conversations are mandatory, but I want to be sure that the people having them are clear about the consequences,” Gates warns. Gates does believe one of his biggest medical foes will be defeated in his lifetime…

Malaria Will Be Eradicated In Gates’ Lifetime

Bill Gates predicts eradication of Malaria

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When Bill & Melinda Gates decided to focus much of their efforts on Malaria in 2007, Bill Gates admits they never realized the impact it would have on the global population. In 2000 the number of malaria-related deaths totaled 870,000 per year. In 2016, that number fell to 429,000. Gates predicts that preventative measures, such as bed netting, will continue to reduce those numbers. The 1,000 percent increase in funding to fight the disease is also helping. Adding to the decreasing numbers will hopefully be a new first-generation malaria vaccine that the World Health Organization will begin testing in sub-Saharan Africa in 2018.

Global Education, Especially For Women, Will Change Drastically By 2030

Bill Gates Education

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The Gates Foundation believes the key to better education is technology and they are attempting to enable change that will deliver tablets, smartphones, and other technologies to children in developing countries. “Children who have grown up with smartphones and tablets, for instance, tend to utilize them intuitively… Kids in third world countries will eventually be able to learn letters and numbers before even entering primary school, aided by software that adjusts to various learning speeds. Melinda Gates believes this accessibility could help improve the gender gap in countries where women have traditionally had few opportunities to receive a proper education. Bill Gates has a prediction about one piece of technology that will vastly change our lives for the better…

Gates Says A.I. Will Greatly Improve Our Lives

Bill Gates Predictions

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While the likes of Elon Musk are running around and screaming at the hilltops about the coming Artificial Intelligence apocalypse, Bill Gates believes A.I. will actually make our lives much better. “Think of all the time we spend manually organizing and performing mundane activities, from scheduling meetings to paying the bills,” Gates writes in the foreword for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s new book, “Hit Refresh.” Gates’ view is shared by some very smart engineers in Silicon Valley, including his friend and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Artificial Intelligence will likely make millions of jobs obsolete but will allow for new human-enabled endeavors.

The Next 15 Years Will Be Very Different For The Poorest Populations

Bill Gates makes predictions about poor populations

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In 2015, Bill and Melinda Gates made a bold prediction that was once again led by the advances human beings are making on a never-ending basis. “The lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history,” they wrote. “And their lives will improve more than anyone else’s.” With access to mobile technology, better crop yields, and the ability to have a proper education, the Gates’ believe the world’s poorest populations will become more educated and healthier at a very fast pace. Melinda Gates is most excited for decreasing the gender gap for education in many male-dominated countries. Improvements in wealth and better education will certainly help with his next prediction.

Vaccinations Distribution Will Save 8 Million Children By 2019

Vaccinations will save millions of children - Bill Gates

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In 2010, Melinda Gates announced a $10 billion effort by her foundation that takes direct aim at providing more vaccinations for poor people around the world. Melinda Gates predicted the delivery of vaccines for rotavirus and diarrheal disease (which kills half a million children each year) and pneumococcal disease (which affects two million children each year) will vastly improve. The foundation’s donation and involvement from partner organizations and countries, Gates said at the time, would “prevent the deaths…of over 8 million children in the next nine years.” The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation often focuses on the easiest path to solving a problem and the vaccinations they are providing help address some of the most avoidable diseases that can be targeted with vaccinations. Melinda Gates is making sure the next prediction comes true…

We Can Stop Maternal Deaths Without Spending a Lot Of Money

Melinda Gates Wants to Stop Maternal Deaths

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In 2010, Melinda Gates announced a $1.5 billion grant program from her foundation. The money was to be used for ensuring expecting mothers in poor countries could receive in-hospital care during their pregnancy and at the time of labor. Gates said the perception that we’re “powerless” to do much about it was incorrect. “The truth is, we can prevent most of these deaths—and at a stunningly low cost—if we take action now,” she said. Melinda Gates believes her foundation with the help of doctors, researchers, government bodies, and other organizations, can continue to drastically decrease the rate at which mother’s die during pregnancy and childbirth and for pennies on the dollar.

Alternative Energy Sources Will Dominate The Planet

Clean Energy Predictions From Bill Gates

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We already talked about Bill Gates’ prediction that a new energy source will revolutionize our lives. He has also predicted that even without that breakthrough, we are likely to see already-available renewable energy sources dominating our lives. Solar and wind are likely to power an increasing number of homes, businesses, and other facilities in the coming years. Gates believes we will continue to move towards clean energy to avoid further damage already being caused by climate change and our dependence on coal, oil, and lithium. We are already seeing the dominance of clean energy in places such as Sweden, which has fully embraced renewable energy products. Gates believes installing “special new powerlines” will help increase energy throughput for renewable energy. Gates also made a political and societal prediction about “truth” in America.

There Will Be A “Return To The Truth” In America

Bill Gates and Truth In America

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During a recent interview with The Atlantic, both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett said they believe we will return to a point of truth rather than relying on personal views. “People want success, they want education that works, they want healthcare that works, and so to the degree that certain solutions are created not based on facts, I believe these won’t be as successful as those that are based on facts. Democracy is a self-correcting thing. And so, yes, I think facts will stay strong.” We live in a confusing time and unfortunately, Gates didn’t put a timeframe on when we can see a return to factually-based decision making in Washington. And our final prediction from Bill & Melinda Gates is a sad reflection on the American education system…

We Will Have An HIV Vaccine Before Math And Science Scores Improve In America

Bill Gates predicts slow progress for US Education System

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Gates admits that developing an HIV vaccine has been incredibly difficult but he believes an HIV vaccination will be announced before an improvement in American education. “Our goal of raising the math scores and literacy scores for the nation as a whole has not been achieved and I would say we’ll probably get the HIV vaccine before we see math scores go up a lot,” Gates revealed. Gates says the U.S. has been hugely successful in public health but he’s confident we will learn to “catalyze” the American public education system.