A boy who was paralyzed his whole life suddenly stands up and walks


David was born paralyzed and has spent his young life  in wheelchair. He suffers from a rare condition known as Poliomyelitis, an infectious disease that is caused by a virus which attacks the spinal cord. Because of his condition, his muscle’s suffered from atrophy and he was left with paralysis.

Recently, David took his very first steps and they occurred in front of his classmates. The look on the young man’s face is nothing short of amazing.

This wasn’t a miracle, instead, David went through years of painful and frustrating physical therapy so he could learn to walk.

“Seeing the video, it was so emotional. I cried a lot,” said David’s mother. “Due to his paralysis, doctors had said he would never be able to walk, but more recently he has been getting some physical therapy and his classmates decided to try and encourage him to walk.”

The Brazilian schoolchildren shout “Go, David, go!” as he walks across the room and eventually into the arms of his teacher.

His teacher made sure to film the amazing moment.

“After so many years of hardship, it’s indescribable how I feel now,” David’s mom proclaimed. “The one thing I want to say is if there are other mothers in a similar situation, never give up on your children.”