Her boyfriend suffered a brain injury but when asked to define ‘happiness’ he gave the best answer

There’s a page on Reddit called “Made Me Smile” and it’s a regular visit for GiveItLove. The subreddit, as its name would suggest, allows people to post anything that made them smile.

A lot of the page is full of parents gushing over the funny things their children have done or the technology fails their parents put them through.

However, one post recently stood out to us because it was so purely joyful and right on point.

Reddit user CelestialSeeker answered the question, “What is the ‘cutest’ mistake you’ve ever seen someone make?”

She decided to tell a story about her boyfriend who recently fell into a coma and awoke with a brain injury.

Here full thread about happiness is below:

My boyfriend had a brain injury four months ago. He was in a coma for about a week and when he woke he had to relearn how to speak coherently all over again.

The speech therapist had a session with me present so that I could practice these lessons with him at home. He (the therapist) would say a word and my boyfriend would have to give him a synonym or definition.

The therapist said ‘happiness’ and my boyfriend pointed to me and said my name. I did a weird mixture of crying/laughing and the therapist told him ‘no, that’s incorrect’ and my boyfriend pouted and frowned and didn’t quite understand his mistake.

It’s a memory I think of a lot when we’re going through a particularly rough patch.

We have to disagree with the therapist. Her boyfriend suffered a horrible injury, forgot how to speak, and despite what he went through, he still knew in his heart what happiness was all about.