Cardboard Tanks Are Being Made For Cats And It’s Seriously Adorable

You need to pause whatever you’re doing right now and hear this astronomical news. Cats are being made cardboard tank scratching posts and toys by English company Suck UK.

Gone are the 4ft tall monstrosities that stand in your living room that you hope your cat will choose to claw instead of your couch. They always choose the couch. Here are the cat-tanks and other cool creations that you and your cat will both enjoy.

High-Powered Cuteness

cat tank cat head poking out
Photo Credit: @flisseeby / Instagram
Photo Credit: @flisseeby / Instagram

These are so unbelievably cute just because these kitties are unknowingly being so hardcore. How does one roll up to a good cat scratch and look so tough, yet so cuddly? With their hard-soft-kitties, Suck UK has truly created a paradox that will continue to fool us all for centuries.

Sure, Suck UK is unwittingly supplying the world’s greatest masterminds of deception with blueprints for weapons of mass destruction, but hey, these cats look adorable. How else would you want to go than at the paws of this adorable fiend?