Is This A Cat Or Dog? Let’s Play The Fur Ball Guessing Game

Meet Atchoum the cutest little fur ball of indistinguishable species you will ever lay your eyes upon. This little guy started out with short hair, and as he grew older his hair just kept on growing.

Atchoum - Cat or dog

Have you figured out if Atchoum is a cat or dog?

Is this furball a cat or a dog

He definitely has the body of a cat.

Atchoum - Cat or Dog you decide

Check out his desire to cram himself into tight spaces like a cat.

Although he does love to cuddle with toys like a dog.

Whatever he is, he is definitely unique.

And playful.

And Squishy.

And sometimes lazy.

In case you were curious, it turns out that he has Hypertrichosis, a condition that causes an abnormal amount of hair to grow on someone’s body.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, he is most definitely a cat. Are you a fan of Atchoum?