Cat Poop Might Cure Cancer And Lead To A Vaccination

What is it lately with butt secretions and cancer prevention and cancer fighting? Earlier in the month researchers revealed that smelling farts could help prevent cancer. Now, a new study believes that cat poop could lead to the creation of a cancer vaccination.

The study, published by the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College, claims that cat feces could help destroy cancer cells, and possibly lead to a vaccine.

At this point research is still in the preliminary stages, but the science behind it is sound. The study claims that T. gondii – a parasite that thrives in the intestines of cats, has shown signs of shrinking and even destroying cancer cells. The hope is that scientists will be able to alter the parasite in such a way that it fights off cancer before it can thrive.

Right now T. gondii can make humans sick and possibly lead to death. But with the right vaccination and some human trials, we could find ourselves taking cat poop pills to cure or even prevent cancer. Sure the cat poop will be removed from the equation, but that doesn’t make it any less important at this moment in time.

Are you ready for this research to become a reality?