This cat went to a dog show and showed love to all his canine friends

Dog Cat Show

Normally cats hate being on a leash almost as much as they hate dogs, but for Boomer, a Bengal cat, neither of these things bother him.

Boomer’s owner Robert has 34 years of professional training experience and he put it to use with Boomer, teaching the mischievous Bengal how to walk on a leash. Then, he tested out his training by taking the cat to a dog show.

cat at dog show3

While you’d normally expect chaos to ensue with one cat being around 50 dogs, the opposite actually happened. Boomer was unfazed by the dogs he met and they mostly greeted him with curiosity.

One or two of the dogs got a little too happy for comfort, so Boomer employed a paw weapon to teach them a quick lesson.

cat at dog show2

Robert explained that “it’s all about gathering information, first from the owners of the dog, then from the dogs body language.” The professional trainer added, “It also greatly helps having a confident cat who grew up with dogs.”

Cat at Dog Show 5

Robert offers training tutorials for teaching cats to walk on leash. However, he doesn’t recommend taking your cat to a dog show.

Check out the video below to see Boomer’s experience wandering around a dog show.