These cats were given hilarious likes and dislikes so they would get adopted

The life of a cat can be hard. Every year there are more than 2.7 million cats that go unadopted, many of which end up euthanized as they grow older.

A local adoption facility in Los Angeles has found a unique and hilarious way to find abandoned cats a home.

Yvonne Bernal, an employee at Sante D’Or Adoption Center, decided to create flyers for each cat at her facility. Along with pictures of the cats, she included their “likes” and “dislikes.”

From the decline of socially relevant programs to their hatred of “baby talk” these cats speak their mind in a fun and creative way.

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A Warlock’s Curse.

Stop With The Baby Talk

Watch Out For The Sky Wizards

The Growing Wage Gap Is A Problem.

No Time Traveling For This Cat

She Hates That Shirt You Wear.

Jazz Musicians Are Not “Cats.”

She Hates Ghosts. No Haunted House Owners Please.

He Hates The Word “Colonel” For Some Reason.

Whitewashing In Hollywood Movies.