Hilarious Photos Of Cats Doing What Cats Do Best: Trolling People

People who love cats know that one of their most endearing qualities is the ability to misbehave and look completely adorable while they’re doing it. No matter how naughty their actions are, from destroying favorite possessions to going potty in inappropriate places, we usually can’t help but laugh about it. (After we’re done cleaning everything up, that is). Cats simply love acting up and messing with people. Here are some hilarious photos of felines that were caught in the act of trolling their humans.

Cat Said No

Isn’t it frustrating when something at home breaks, like a leaky sink or an air conditioner that doesn’t cool anymore? We’ve all been there, and we’ve all felt the relief after a professional comes by and fixes the problem for us.

black cat said no
quiet_ellie / Twitter
quiet_ellie / Twitter

The person that lives with this cat, however, came home to this note from maintenance. “We could not complete work requested because ‘black cat said no.’” As annoyed as the person must have been at first, it’d be hard not to laugh at the thought of someone being intimidated by such a friendly-looking kitty. Looks can be deceiving though.