Celebrities Who Look Like They’ve Found The Secret To Eternal Youth

Often, an old photo of a celebrity will show a significant difference from how they look today. The changes are gradual enough that fans can forget how youthful they once looked! Alas, time’s constant march works its magic on all of us. Or does it?

When it comes to these celebrities, they aged in such minor and imperceptible ways that it’s legitimately difficult to say for sure if they’ve aged at all!

Keanu Reeves

At long last, that gray seen in Keanu Reeves’ beard gives us some evidence that the passage of time has any effect on him whatsoever.

Keanu Reeves in 2022 and 1992
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images | Ron Davis/Getty Images
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images | Ron Davis/Getty Images

Because if it weren’t for that, there would otherwise not be a way to tell that these photos were taken 30 years apart. Maybe the John Wick star got tired of those theories that he’s some time-traveling immortal.