Hilarious Christmas Letters And Lists That Children Wrote To Santa

For many children, one of the best parts of the year is sending a list to Santa, telling him what they want for Christmas. Little ones really do say the darndest things, especially when they’re writing to the larger-than-life character. Some wrote hilarious lists filled with things like pet crocodiles and Ferraris. Others took the time to put Santa in the hot seat, questioning his existence or how old he is. From handwritten Amazon links to begging for cash, these kids’ Christmas lists will have you laughing out loud.

Spoken Like A True Parent

Kids really do model after their parents, even when it comes to writing a letter to Santa. This young’un must have been warned about consequences numerous times to now be threatening Santa with them.


They wrote, “You better bring my pony this year or there will be consequences.” The kiddo even underlined “better” and “will” for added emphasis. Even the drawing of the pony looks unfriendly. Talking to your elders like that may be cause for getting placed on the naughty list.