Chris Evans Was Filming In An Animal Shelter And Couldn’t Leave Without His New Friend

Chris Evans plays superhero Captain America, a man tasked with regularly saving the world from danger. In real life, his heroics were recently extended to saving a shelter pup.

Evans was filming a scene for his new movie “Gifted” and one scene took place inside an animal shelter.

Last month Evans posted a tweet with an adorable rescue dog licking his face. Weeks later, the story behind that photo was released.

While filming his movie Evans couldn’t help but ask the staff about the dogs.

“One of the last scenes we were filming was in a pound, a kennel,” said Chris. “I foolishly walked in and I thought, ‘Are these actor dogs or are these real up for adoption dogs?’”

When Evans discovered the dogs were really looking for a forever home, he perked up.

“So I was walking up and down the aisles and saw this one dude and he didn’t belong there. I snagged him and he’s such a good dog.”

The dog is now named Dodger and he travels everywhere with the actor.

“They aged him at about one, he acts like a puppy, he’s got the energy of a puppy, he’s just such a sweetheart, he’s such a good boy. He loves dogs, he loves kids, he’s full of love.”

In an interview with PEOPLE, Chris admits that his new four-legged friend helps get him into shape.

“Playing with him is exercise, he’s exhausting. He’s up for anything. Dogs, they’re such great animals. I really can’t say enough about dogs, I’m a dog lunatic. He sleeps on my pillow, you wake up face-to-face.”

When asked during an interview what was most important in his life Chris gave an answer that will leave you swooning.

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