Clever Gardening Hacks Using Household Items You Probably Already Own

If you don’t already have a fruitful garden growing in your own yard, it’s never too late to start! It’s also not as complicated as you think it is. In fact, you might already have tools and materials in your very own kitchen that can help get you going! These gardening hacks will show you how easy gardening can be. Who knows? You might even uncover your own green thumb!

Eggshells Can Help Deter Small Pests

For smaller pests like slugs and snails, putting down broken eggshells around your plants will keep those slimy critters from eating them up. Snails and slugs would avoid trying to slide over broken eggshells since it can cut them up. While this method has worked for some gardeners, others have disproved this theory in their own gardens. Still, it’s worth a shot.


Just be sure to break the eggshells down into very fine pieces, and you’ll also want to cleanse the eggshells well enough so that there is no apparent egg smell. Otherwise, you might attract rodents instead!