Clever Matching Tattoos That Aren’t Just For Couples

Matching tattoos might seem like one of those so-cute-it’s-actually-gross things that couples do, but there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to coordinating tattoos. Siblings, parents, and best friends can also get inked together too.

These matching tattoos can be meaningful, funny, or just plain adorable. Either way, they all show a bond between two people that is now on their skin for life. Check these clever and creative tattoos out, and who knows, they might even inspire you to call up your BFF and get inked too.

The Perfect Depiction Of Siblings

Anyone with a sibling knows that Tom and Jerry are a pretty good comparison of your relationship together. You both likely spend most of your time tormenting the other and competing to see who comes out on top, but you know it’s all just fun and games.

tom and jerry matching tattoo on ankles

These Tom and Jerry tattoos were chosen by an older brother and younger sister after they had a chance to spend some “proper time” together now that they are actually grown up.