Common New Year’s Resolutions To Show You’re Not Alone

At this point, you’ve likely noticed a pattern in the New Year’s resolutions that people tend to make. After all, a new year has a way of reminding people what they want out of life. It’s easy to forget once we fall back into our daily routines, but the point of the resolution is to fight against that status quo.

So as you consider your own resolutions, you may find that some of the goals we’re about to talk about will speak to your desires as well. And that just means that so many of us are on this journey of self-improvement together.

Losing Weight

Although you may occasionally hear of someone wanting to gain weight in the next year, it’s a lot more likely that anyone telling you their resolutions will mention this.

person grabbing flab in stomach
Towfiqu barbhuiya/Unsplash
Towfiqu barbhuiya/Unsplash

Of course, it can be a tricky goal, and there are enough unused gym memberships in the world to tell us that it’s an easy one to get discouraged about. That’s why it helps to set smaller target weights that seem more achievable rather than aim for your big goal in one shot.