They couldn’t believe a man with no limbs could climb a mountain, 19 hours later…

Kyle Maynard suffered from a congenital birth defect when he was a baby. Because of that defect, he became a quadruple amputee. Despite his lack of arms and legs, the young man has never been slowed down by his handicap.

As a healthy 25-year-old man he enjoys what many other guys like. He plays football, studies and practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is always looking for the next thing in like that can challenge him.

Maynard recently became the first mountain climber to summit Kilimanjaro without the use of prosthetic legs.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for years, just because of the level of the challenge. The harder something is, the better the experience tends to be on the other end once you get through it,” Maynard said just before he started his decent.

He spent 19 hours engaged in a bear crawl technique that kept his nose close to the ground 95% of the time. While he didn’t get to enjoy all of the mountain’s surroundings on the way up, he was elated once he reached the top.

Check out this young man’s amazing story of perseverance in the video below: