Custom-Made Tiny Restaurant Brings The Critters To The Yard

There’s nothing quite like going out to a fancy sit-down restaurant. You get to dress up, be wined and dined, and get out of the house for a couple of hours.

Well, one man decided that he wanted his animal friends to have the same experience, especially the squirrels that were hanging out in his yard. So he made them a little café so they didn’t have to run back to their homes after grabbing a bite to eat.

Bird Feeders Are Officially Out

It’s time we stopped counting on bird feeders to cover every animal’s needs. James Vreeland decided that it was time to give the squirrels their own custom-made dining experience, creating the Maison du Noix.

opening to tiny lawn restaurant
Photo Credit: Instagram / @jamesvreeland
Photo Credit: Instagram / @jamesvreeland