The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Dad And Baby Having A Full Conversation

One of the things they don’t tell you when you become a parent is that you’ll suddenly become fluent in gibberish. One father from Clarkesville, Tennesse has become a master at it.

Shanieke Pryor shared a viral video of her husband Deztin (DJ) and their 19-month-old son Kingston “talking” together and the internet couldn’t help but fall in love and praise the adorable father-son duo. Check out their incredible “conversation” and see just how important being fluent in gibberish is.

Kingston’s Mother Shared A Incredible Video Of The Two Talking

Shanieke shared a short 1:24 clip on her Facebook page of DJ and Kingston sharing what appeared to be a full-fledged conversation. The couple had just finished watching an episode of the television show Empire, and DJ said he noticed that Kingston seemed enthralled by the show.

kingston pointing at television

DJ decided to ask Kingston his thoughts on the episode and it resulted in an entire “conversation” between the two about what was going to happen next episode.