This Dad Lovingly Colors In His Kids Drawings During Business Trips

Tattoo artist Fred Giovannitti of Tatlantis has three creative kids who love to draw pictures. Giovannitti’s daughter and two sons sketch out drawings without coloring them in and then they hand them off to their dad.  While he’s traveling out of state for work Giovannitti takes the pictures with him on the road and colors them in. He says it’s his way of collaborating with his kids and keeping a piece of them with him, wherever he may be.

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Business Trip Coloring
Coloring for the kids while on a business trip
Coloring with the kids while on a business trip
Dad adds colors to kids drawings while he is on business trips
Dad and Coloring with the Kids
Dad colors in his kids drawings while he is out of town
Dad Colors in kids drawings during business trip
Dad Colors in Kids Photos During Business Trips
Drawing and Coloring with Kids and Dad
Kids Draw and Dad Colors
Kids Drawings Colored in by Dad
Kids Drawings Colored In My Dad
Kids Drawn and Dad Colors in During Business Trip
The Kids and Coloring while on a business trip

Meet Sofia (8), Jaxton (5), and Federico (9)

What an amazing dad and some talented like tykes.