This dad’s Star Wars lunch creations for his kids are inspiring

Star Wars Lunches for Dad

Beau Coffron, better known to his fans as Lunch Box Dadis the type of father that any geek would love to call their own.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens preparing to debut and then becoming the fastest movie to ever reach the $1 billion box office milestone, he decided to celebrate the movie with lunches for his kids.

Beau has been making amazing lunch boxes for his kids for years, but recently they’ve been featuring a lot more droids and jedis.

Coffron says the lunchboxes have brought him closer to his kids as he learns more about their interests, which helps give him new ideas for ways to surprise them.

His creations are not just fun, they are also healthy with plenty of fruit and vegetable medley options.

Coffron says that the lunches are pretty simple and he even shares all of the recipes on his blog.

His work is really inspiring, even if you’re not a fan of Star Wars.

Stormtrooper Lunch

How about a peanut butter and nutella Chewbacca which looks delicious.

Chewbacca Lunch - Made by Dad

Even his Ewoks look amazing. No small feat for sure.

He even creates Star Wars mashups for his daughter with My Little Pony characters.

Star Wars and My Little Pony Mashup

He’s even made a Princess Leia burger that features a Millennium Falcon bread sculpture.

Princess Leia and Millenium Falcon

You can check out more of Beau’s totally awesome lunches on his blog. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.