Dads Will Be Dads: Funniest Notes That Fathers Left To Their Kids

Ah, dads! They can drive you crazy but you just can’t live without them. Some of the best dads around are known to leave hilarious notes for their kids. Check out this list of some of the sweetest, most teasing and most dad-joke-filled notes ever!

Serious About Pets

Although this Dad’s handwriting is a bit rough to read, one thing is for sure — he definitely takes his pets seriously. So much so that he’s willing to threaten his own children: “Be nice to dog, or you will die!” Sounds like this dad might have a favorite child and it’s not of the human variety!


Too Lazy To Look

Dads, and men in general are often known for their incapability of searching for items, often things that are right in front of their faces. This Dad was clearly no different, he knows that he kicked something underneath his daughter’s bed, but was too lazy to check what it might be. Well, at least he left a note!


The Laundry Watcher

All parents know the struggle when it comes to not having your kids leave their dirty clothes on the floor. This dad got creative by leaving a note for his kids. He also drew a little character on the bottom to make sure they know he is watching closely.


The Nicest Demand Letter

Often times parents are forced to leave their children demanding letters in order to get chores done around the house. This demand letter has to be one of the nicest letters to ever be left! Even the last line is just the sweetest thing ever, “I trust you to do the right thing, my love”. Let’s hope this kid came through to wash the dishes for such a nice dad!


Make Time For Grandma

This note went out to all three kids and the dad was definitely very serious. He demanded, and made it clear he was not asking, to call Grandma! This is an all too common problem, especially because kids don’t realize that our time is limited until it’s too late. So, everyone take heed and make time for grandma.


The Daddest Joke Of Them All

Another thing that Dads are known for are their super cheesy jokes. Often, it almost seems like they are in competition with one another and are really attempting to up the Dad factor. This one is really showing his age by making a joke combining to very Dad-esque things: Beowulf and Scott Baio.


Bring Me The Soup

Most dads are usually pretty serious about their food. This dad is definitely no different and he also got creative with his note leaving skills. He wanted to make sure his kid picked up “garbanzo bean SOUP”, so he left a note on the door handle, where they were sure to see it. We hope he got his soup.


Make A Good Idea

Some dads can linger over to the overprotective side, including this one. He left a note telling his daughter to be careful not to hit the trash can. But the sweetest part of the note was that he told her to “make” a good day. What great advice for everybody!


The Management

This father, who calls himself “The Management” asks no one to sleep downstairs for the sake of safety. Of course, he had to throw a humorous spin on it, even though he was actually looking out for their best interest. In this case, that was preventing the kids from “burning to a crisp” lest the house catch on fire. Good looking out!


Nutrition Expert

In the same realm of foodies as the previous Dad, this guy is also concerned with food. Only this one is more concerned with the way his kids are eating. Pretty much every kid goes through a junk food phase at some point, so it’s nice to see a dad actually concerned with nutrition. Hopefully these kids will come around.


A Special Good Luck Note

A girl is never too old to get a note from her “Daddy”. This Dad went out of his way to make his daughters feel special before they had a special event. “Shine, smile and impress” are truly words to live by, even if you are already all grown up!


Please Help The Dog

There’s just something about someone leaving a note for you regarding your animal’s bathroom habits, even more so when it’s your Dad leaving the note. Of course, this one is out of concern for the poor pooch who had not yet finished relieving himself for the day. Let’s hope the dog got some relief!


Driving Safety Dad

This father is another one who is concerned for the general well-being of his kids who are getting ready to drive away. This is especially important for teens who are constantly on their phones be it texting or on some form of social media. There’s always something special about who dad who cares enough to leave a note!


Not What They Had In Mind

Kellogg’s products came out with a gimmick where they kept a space on the wrapper so people could leave notes, presumably for parents to leave a note when they packed a snack with their child’s note. Of course, this dad couldn’t resist leaving a little bit of (rude) dad humor, by using the snack to tell his kid they’re adopted. He’s kidding…we think!


Lunchtime Note

This father also left a note in their kid’s lunch, but this one used their napkin to write the message. The dad then says that he realizes the ink will be left all over the kid’s face. Hey, that’s not too nice. Well, getting made fun of is always better coming from a dad instead of the entire lunchroom.


Tell Your Kids There Are Monsters

So, this isn’t exactly a Dad leaving their kid a note but rather, a dad leaving his wife a note about what they told their kid. Chris Illuminati posts his silly notes on Instagram about the highs and lows of parenting for his wife and the rest of the world to see. The one he posted by the bed said, “The kid thought there was a monster under his bed. I told him monsters are very quiet before eating a child and it’s probably just a burgl[a]r.” Although absolutely hilarious, let’s hope he didn’t actually tell his small child that!


I Have A Particular Set Of Skills

No access to the Wifi network? This might be the scariest note a millennial can receive from their parents. Here’s to hoping these children either changed their ways or realized they could tether into their favorite streaming service with the family’s cellular data plan. Not cool dad. Not cool at all.


What Does This Dad Have Against Unicorns?

Want your kids to eat the food they’re given? Apparently, you can threaten them with the death of their favorite mythical creature. Obviously, this dad was just having a bit of fun but we’re going to eat a sandwich real quick just to err on the side of caution. It turns out this trick really does work.


Feed Me!!!

Some of the best dad notes include creative illustrations that drive their point home in as few words as possible. This dad just wanted to use the bathroom without screaming across the house for a new roll of toilet paper. We’re totally going to steal this one the next time a bathroom emergency is created because of a lazy household member.


This Toothpaste Tastes Terrible

Dads are not great at “female issues” and that has never been truer than the note this father left for his daughter. We NEVER want to try this but we’re not a little bit curious about the taste of Vagisil. This is one of those notes that will make you wish your parents forgot to tell you about your adoption. Ick.


I Hope You Don’t Mind

This is why dad should never prepare your lunch. On the other hand, at least you have an official taste tester who can ensure the quality and integrity of your lunchtime meal. Also, what happened to the other half of this sandwich? We’re guessing dad was more hungry than he admitted in this note.


Eat Your Lunch Meatbag

Dads have a special gift that allows them to be incredibly direct with their demands while still making us laugh. This dad has an eye for awesome cartoon art and the ability to send a clear and concise message to their child. We would eat all of our school lunches if our dad created these type of hilarious letters.

I Like To Take Rides To Work

This guy kept taking his apple to work and then bringing it home. Their dad realized they were not eating the fruit so they left this hilarious note. At least we can say they are very consistent in their intent to eat the apple. We would like to know why the dad decided to name the apple “Mike.”


Eat A Cat Or Don’t The Choice Is Yours

Eat a cat, starve, or look in the refrigerator? Dads really have their own lopsided views on the world. We’re just hoping their child finished reading the note or the family will be visiting the local humane society in search of a new pet. We would rather starve than eat a cat because furballs don’t sound like much fun.


When I Grow Up…

Dryer lint is no joke and it really can start a fire. This dad’s note imagines that the lint left behind by their child will one day grow up and become a dryer fire. The note is hilarious and has a great visual prop but it’s also a very real warning. Dads sure have a unique way to get their point across.


No More Than Three Girls At A Time

This is what happens when mom and dad combine their creative forces to leave their son a note. We can only imagine the sex talk these parents had with their child when it was time to sit them down. There’s a lot of important advice in this letter but we can’t get over the middle section of the note.


Dad Note (Left) Versus Mom Note (Right)

It’s not hard to spot the not-so-subtle differences between dad’s and mom’s note. Dad wants his son to avoid illegal activities and mom wants him to “close garage door” and wear sunscreen. This is why parents can work so well together, they both provide very different and needed advice to their children.


Dad Nails The Zelda Humor

There’s something truly magical about a dad who understands your interests and endorsed them fully with a clever and fun note. We don’t know if the mints helped but at least this dad has taken an active interest in something their kid loves to do on a regular basis. Good job dad.


Sometimes Dad Notes Have No Real Purpose

We’ve covered some important dad notes and some silly letters. Sometimes, dads just want to be silly as this note proves. When his son opened up their copy of Sports Illustrated they found a “call me handsome” note with a fake 555-555-5555 phone number. Dads will be dads and that’s what makes them so special in their own right.


A Simple Compromise From Dad

Your mom might pack you a new sandwich every day but dad wants to make sure you aren’t wasting any food. This dad packed an old sandwich their child failed to eat. When dad starts pulling out the Liam Neeson photos you know stuff is getting real. This dad has a special set of note writing skills.


Dads Get Right To The Point

Dads are not necessarily known for their subtle hints. They also don’t want to hold your hand through every single moment in life. This dad wanted their kid to learn some basic maintenance tricks so they left some repair guides and a note. Their child will either learn something or break their bike even further.


Dad Will Help You Grow Up Real Quick

It’s that defining moment in your life when the crust isn’t cut off your sandwich for you. Should you grow up and deal with it? Tear off the crust on your own? Or demand a crustless sandwich for your next meal. Dads will do their best to help you grow up on their schedule and not yours. Life lesson achieved.


Dad And Mom And The Wedding Dress Investment

This dad and mom teamed up to give their daughter money to buy a scale. The note might start off seeming a bit mean but by the end, they joke that it will help their daughter relieve a little bit of her wedding day stress. The family that jokes together stays together. Hopefully, their daughter didn’t turn into a bridezilla.


Wake And Bake

Author Chris Illuminati became a stay-at-home dad in 2010 and started the blog “Message With A Bottle.” He is known for leaving hilarious and very frank notes around the house to describe his days as a stay-at-home father. This “wake and bake” note struck a chord with us because it really does show the different of pre-parenthood versus parenthood. Well played dad.


Another WiFi Random Note From Dad

Apparently, the best power dads have over their children is the ability to take away their WiFi access. This note, at least, offered some very simple chores that needed to be completed. This dad doesn’t seem to mind changing the WiFi password every day if it accomplishes some very simple tasks for their child.


Grammar Matters Dad

This dad regularly leaves his child notes with misspelled words. In response, their kid likes to correct their dad with funny pictures. This might be our favorite dad note because it gets their kids to acknowledge what they have written. Well played dad or perhaps you’re just not good at spelling. Either way, this is a parenting win in our opinion.


Baby Fight Club?

This new dad decided his baby’s “fight club” ways were too much to handle. When mom opened the vanity in their bathroom she found this completely serious but also really funny note. Baby fight club could be a real thing but babies know the first rule is never to talk about it.


This Dad’s Truth About Parenting Is Spot On

If you’re a mom who has hidden in the pantry with a bottle of wine or the dad who has retreated to his man cave to get away from a bunch of screaming kids you know the struggle is real. This dad pretty much nailed the not-so-secret world of parenting.


Dad Lesson Achieved

We think this card might have been trying to tell this guy’s daughter something that was really important? If we had to guess, she filled up the tank with basic unleaded fuel and then couldn’t figure out why it started making really weird noises a few minutes later. Nice try dad.


The Least Convincing Lunch Note Of All Time?

No condiments? Is the crust still left on? So many questions are left unanswered with this dad’s attempt at leaving their child a note with their lunch. If this is how you convince your young child to eat a horrible sandwich your parenting skills might need a little bit of work.


The Funniest Response To Accidentally Coming Out To Your Dad

This guy was overheard by his dad as he told a friend about his plans to come out to his parents the next day. His dad’s response? Pick up some “OJ and bread after class, we are out, like you now.” This is how a loving parent responds to a child who tells them they are gay.


I Kiss Your Mom

Are your kids sneaking into the pantry to grab snacks throughout the day? Don’t have time to cook them lunch because you’re in a rush? This dad found a very clever way to keep his children’s hunger at bay. This can work into adulthood if you really apply yourself and stick to your convictions.


Bonding Over Rihanna

This Dad definitely stays hip and is connecting with his daughters through the use of song. He tells one “good luck” and compliments the other while encouraging them both to “shine bright like a diamond!” He then injects a bit of dad humor by continuing his notes to reflect the chorus, just like Rihanna’s song. Good one, Dad!


Stomach = Key

As many might know, for many people the key to one’s heart is the stomach. This dad is definitely in that camp. He complimented his daughter on brownies she made him and even exclaimed that they were “better than a round of golf!” Hey, coming from a Dad, that’s pretty darn good!


Dad Dropping Knowledge

Although we all know that leaving notes is sometimes considered passive aggressive, this shouldn’t have to be a conversation. We bet that this dad was trying to get his late-night ice cream fix and learned to his dismay that his child “forgot” to put the ice cream back in the fridge. Now everybody loses.


Here’s My Number, So Call Me Maybe?

Putting the dog out in the yard is a key part of not having a mess in your house. As if that isn’t enough, having to remind your kid that dogs need to go to the bathroom is the cherry on top. It also seems that this dad doesn’t hear very much from their kids. If they ask you to call them maybe, then you probably should. He is your dad after all.


No Shortcuts

A classic dad saying is that “if you do a good job the first time you won’t have to do it again”, which is exactly what this dad is trying to get across. If you couldn’t already tell, this dad really wants his kid to do a good job so he doesn’t have to fix everything later. He even has all of the cleaning supply laid out for him ready to go.


Not The Hummus Dishes!

C’mon Terry, you know better than that. Clearly, those lovely white hummus dishes aren’t to be used for anything except hummus. Get it together, man. But it looks like Terry wasn’t the only person getting scolded in this situation. Mom doesn’t seem to happy that dad used a new white envelope for his message. Shame on you too pops.


Telling It As It Is

It seems like this dad had too many mornings trying to get his daughters to be ready for school on time. This time, they missed the bus and he was going to take the blame. So, he wrote an excuse note for their tardiness and figuratively threw them under the bus to take full responsibility.


You Have Two Options

Dani boy, stop forgetting your house key or it’s looking like you’ll have to get to your second-story room using a rope. And by the looks of it, that “rope” doesn’t look like it can hold much weight so you’ll end up sleeping in the dog house. Do yourself a favor and get a keychain. It’s a gamechanger.


Thanks For The Heads Up

Most dads wouldn’t take the time to write such a helpful note for their kids. But not this dad, he softened the blow that they have to manually turn the television on and off. Little does this dad know that the batteries probably aren’t really dead but his son probably stole them for his X Box controller.

No Quarter

This is a classic note because it’s not only for his kids but for his wife as well. For most fathers, the never-ending battle with the remote can be the bane of their existence. This dad finally had enough and decided to take a stand and make everyone suffer the consequences of the actions.


Real Good One Dad

When it comes to dads, sometimes you just have to let them be themselves. if that means suffering through their absolutely pathetic Thanksgiving jokes, then so be it. He took the time out his day to craft as well as write this piece of comedy, so give him the credit he deserves.


Take That Mom

This mom left their kids a note but dad decided to put his art degree to good use instead. Although this may not be a real note, it’s good enough for us. Some real thought went into this, he even split the banana in order to make two eyebrows, now that’s just creative. He’s also the one that probably took the picture of his work.


Short And Sweet

Sometimes you just have to tell your kids to “suck it” every now and then so they remember their place on the totem pole. Looks like this dad managed to get the last bagel in the bag, so obviously, he had to add salt to the wound that there were no more bagels left the next morning.


Color Coordinated And Everything

Wow, this dad’s kids must have really never learned to not touch the bottom switch. We don’t think that’s too hard to remember, but apparently not. He even had to make a sign with colors and everything to prevent this from continuing from happening. This is a very fatherly move.


Don’t Forget Where You Came From

Upon giving his daughter some cash, he had to also give her a quick reminder that they are kin, which is why he’s such a great dad. Regardless that it’s only three dollars, she should count herself lucky that there’s any money there at all. Some dads are savages out there.


A Man Of Few Words

In this dad’s house, he doesn’t have to say much to get what he wants. if he has a hankering for cake, he just writes a three-word note on a plate and that should be enough. Before he knows it, there’ll be a slice being delivered to him just before the kickoff.

He Said Boobie

if you’re trying to get your kids to do something right, you have to speak their language. In this case, these directions were probably meant for this dad’s son on how to prepare the chicken for dinner. So obviously, boobie is the right term if you want the chicken cooked the proper way.


Yea Kim, And Make It A Double

There is a high possibility that this is the same dad that requested a slice of cake. it’s either that or this is the language of all fathers, which is probably the case. We’re not sure why he’s writing this note on a receipt but at least he threw a love, father in there to let Kim know that she’s not just his slave.


I’m Watching You!

Nothing makes a note more serious than a scowling face doodled on it. It seems as though this kid doesn’t understand that dirty clothes go into the laundry basket since it’s underlined in the note. Yet, something tells us that this note didn’t make any difference at all. nice try dad.


Rookie Move

Oh, Oliver, this is a rough note to come home to for anybody. But in all honesty, you set yourself up for this one. At least this dad had the courtesy to leave a note first before sitting you down and giving you the talk out of nowhere. He even gave you the pro tip about incognito mode, be thankful for that.


Making Sure They Don’t Forget

This dad definitely doesn’t have full trust in his children, so he has to leave them reminder notes in the most obvious places. If they somehow manage to miss this note, all hope is lost for this dad. Let’s just hope that the soup got turned off for the sake of this father.


His Father’s Son

This right here is a quality note from dad because it’s got it all. A little bit of insult, some shame, and even some humor is thrown in there. All we know is that people that have dads like this should consider themselves lucky. But next time, it might benefit you to cover your tracks a little better. You’ll learn.



It must be frustrating to make your kid a sandwich every day only to come home and find it wasn’t eaten. Looks like this dad had to take a new approach to try and get his kid to eat their sandwiches. Nobody wants a unicorn to die, so hopefully, this was a good strategy. It’s either that or his sandwiches are sub-par.


If You Didn’t Already Know…

Sometimes, when you’re a dad, you have to be a clear as possible with your kids. Not only do you have to remind them to lock the door, you have to physically show them where the lock is just in case. You never know these days, some kids might actually not know where a lock is anymore.

O.C.D. Dad

This dad’s kids are driving him crazy in more ways than one. As if constantly picking up for them, buying them everything, and making sure they don’t die wasn’t enough, now he has to worry about the microwave timer. For someone with O.C.D., this would be a nightmare. Maybe his kids have been pranking him the whole time.


Step 1

These days, there’s no telling what basic tasks your kids do or don’t know how to do. We’re sure it was quite a shock for this dad when he learned that his own child didn’t know how to make ice. Unfortunately, his not was in vain, and he should have just told his kid to YouTube it. They know how to do that for sure.


Remote Control Master

Another thing that Dads are serious about are their remote controls. Some of them even have special remotes or even a very specific way the remote needs to be operated. This dad clearly had very detailed directions to operate his remote that look more like the notes in a statistics class than simple directions. We hope whoever needed these directions was able to figure it out!