Daughter Returns Home From School Hungry, Mother Finds Out Why

Most parents would disagree with letting schools have a say in what type of food their child can bring to school with them. That type of behavior might be considered borderline overstepping boundaries. This very debate sparked massive controversy in Colorado when a mother packed what she thought was a healthy lunch for her daughter. The matter started discussions over nutrition, health, and how teachers should manage these concerns with the parents. No child should have to return home hungry due to conflicts caused by the adults…

Returning Home Hungry

It was a regular day for Leeza Pearson until her daughter returned home from school on an empty stomach. Much like any parent, Pearson grew worried about the situation, especially after she knew she packed a lunch for her little girl.

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Nate Biersack/Facebook
Nate Biersack/Facebook

Baffled by the predicament, she looked inside her daughter’s lunch box and found a note. After reading the contents on the paper, Pearson grew quite unsettled at what she just read. Why would this happen?