No One Wanted This Deaf Puppy Until He Met The Only Person Who Could Truly Understand Him

Emerson the black Labrador puppy has only known a “ruff” life since he was born. Abandoned on the side of the road with the rest of his litter, things didn’t get much better after he was taken to a shelter. A myriad of fatal health problems nearly got in the way of Emerson’s adoption, not to mention his chance at a happy life. Even after this puppy started recovering, many potential forever homes were deterred by his “special needs” – that is, until fate brought along the one person that could understand him…

Abandoned On The Roadside

emerson deaf puppy adopted by deaf man 1
NFR Maine/Facebook
NFR Maine/Facebook

This sweet boy’s name is Emerson. He and his siblings were less than six weeks old when they were abandoned on the side of the road in northwestern Florida. Thankfully, a good Samaritan found them and brought them to the North Florida Rescue.

NFR saves many animals from high kill shelters. Their dedicated team of volunteers fosters and cares for the animals until they can find forever homes. But for Emerson, finding a forever home wasn’t easy.