These Dog Runs Could Inspire Your Next DIY Project

Dog owners know all too well how important it is to let your pooch get outside and moving. For those who have the outdoor space, a dog run can be a fantastic way to let your canine release energy without needing constant supervision. These designated spaces can keep your dog out of the garden, provide them with a place to go potty, and give them some fun obstacles to stay busy. Read on for photos and tips that may inspire you to build a DIY dog run.

The Dog’s Very Own Property

Dog runs don’t just benefit the owner by keeping their pets out of unwanted areas, but they also give your pooch a space of their own. This dog run is surrounded with fencing and complete with a strip of artificial grass and two dog houses.

Sonia Ryan/Pinterest
Sonia Ryan/Pinterest

The first step when building a dog run is to determine the location and space. Like a pool, dog runs are most beneficial when they are rectangular, allowing the dog to dart back and forth.