Do You Belong On The Iron Throne? Find Out Which Game of Thrones House You Belong To

Iron throne background and Game of Thrones House crests
Canva / WikiFandom
Canva / WikiFandom

Game of Thrones fans were understandably devastated when the record-breaking series reached its finale. Thankfully, HBO’s House of the Dragon has finally hit streaming services, and we can catch up on all the fiery medieval drama we’ve been missing. The new show is a prequel to the original series focusing on the history and ancestors of the characters we’ve come to know and love.

You may think you already know what family House you belong in, but our in-depth personality quiz will determine once and for all if you are a Lannister Lion or if you belong in the Stark’s wolf pack. Maybe you belong to another house entirely. Fill out the quiz to learn your fate.

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