Do You Have As Much Team Spirit As These Dogs?

If you own a pup, there’s a good chance it likes the same things you do. If you love sports, your pupper must love sports, too! But have you ever dressed your best friend up so they can show their team pride? Your favorite team makes jerseys for pets, so you should think about investing! After seeing all the dogs on this list showing their pride you won’t have a choice. These dogs are full of energy, smiles, home town attitude, and far more ballpark bark than bite!

No World Series Hangover For These Astros’ Fans

Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images
Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

These two good boys look like they showed up to the park separately, then found each other. The one on the left is a little embarrassed to be an accidental twin. The one on the right loves it though!

You have to admit, they look pretty stylish in their throwback Houston Astros jersey. They’re ready for a ballgame and nice cold doggy brew. Maybe one of them will fetch a foul ball and get to go home with a souvenir!