Dog Breeds That Bark To The Beat Of Their Own Drum And Are Difficult To Train

Even though pet owners like to think their dog is the best and most obedient, the truth of the matter is that not all good girls and boys are created equal. Some dog breeds are more difficult to train than others.

From Basset Hounds being a bit slower on the learning scale than other breeds to the stubbornness of Old English Sheepdogs, here are some of the more difficult dog breeds to train.

Lhasa Apso Will Please Their Owner If They Want To

A Lhasa Apso will please their owner when they feel like it and only if it’s on their own terms. But that shouldn’t deter prospective owners because this breed is trainable; it’s just a matter of making sessions fun and interesting to keep their interest.

Lhasa Apso
Janette Pellegrini/WireImage
Janette Pellegrini/WireImage

Highly intelligent, this breed really has a mind of its own, and if their owner ignores them, then it’s game over. They’ll walk all over their human and become the master of the house — aka, they won’t listen.