This Dog Followed an Endurance Team for 430 miles and then got Adopted!

Swedish racing team Peak Performance were in the middle the Adventure Racing World Championship in 2015 when they were unexpectedly joined by a stray dog.

The dirty pup was discovered in the Ecuadorian countryside and they were starving.

Mikeal Lindnord fed the dog a meatball as the team prepared to break camp and then went about his day.

The day after the team met the dog they had a new member joining them on their journey.

The team attempted to lose the dog, not because they didn’t like pets, but rather because they were afraid for the pooches safety.

Eventually they named the dog Arthur and they became part of the team.

Arthur almost drowned during a Kayak route on open water, but Lindnord quickly pulled him into the boat.

Arthur followed the team for 430 miles and he was adopted and brought with the team to Sweden.

Lindnord new travel costs and medical bills would be high so he started a GoFundMe account.

Arthur was welcomed to Sweden with a celebrity response.

Arthur was flown first class to his new home!

Arthur not only found an amazing home, he most definitely proved that he really wanted to live with his new family, come hell or high water (literally).

Here’s the full story from ESPN: