This Dog Wouldn’t Stop Barking At Its Pregnant Owner’s Belly And Ended up Saving Her Life

Lots of pet owners will tell you that their furry friend, whether a cat, dog, or another animal, can pick up on certain things humans can’t. For some reason, pets have a sixth sense of sorts where they can tell whenever our energy is off — even if it’s so subtle that we don’t notice it ourselves. This was exactly the case with Alhanna Butler and her dog Keola.

Alhanna and her fiance, Ricky, were over the moon when they learned she was pregnant. But when she was four months along with their child, Keola began acting strange and constantly pawing at Alhanna’s belly.

Alhanna and Ricky Were Dreaming of Being Parents

alhanna ricky and keola as a pup
Facebook / Alhanna Butler
Facebook / Alhanna Butler

Alhanna and her fiance Ricky had an instant connection when they met. They knew they wanted to spend their lives together and start a family, so they decided to try for a baby right away.

At times it seemed like Alhanna would never conceive, but then one day, she received the greatest news of all: she was pregnant!