Dogs Wearing Pants Are Sure To Brighten Your Day

Dogs are not usually associated with pants. Humans wear them for warmth and societal norms, but dogs don’t need them for either. Yet, if you put a pair of pants on a dog, it turns the whole world upside down and is absolutely hilarious to see. Surprisingly, some dogs even enjoy the feeling of having a nice pair of jeans or sweatpants over their fur. Without further ado, here are some dogs wearing pants that will surely brighten your day.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

This dog named Piper is looking good in her little pants. It almost looks like she is trying to show them off for the camera and maybe even wag her tail to imitate Nicki Minaj.

The cutest part of this whole picture is how you can the the nub of her tail sticking through the pants. We hope that the next pair of pants that Piper struts around in comes with a tail hole for maximum comfort.