Don’t Worry! This Corgi Puppy Is Just Covered In Jam

Every pet owner knows that their furbabies can be a little… dramatic from time to time. Some dogs talk back, some cats knock everything off the kitchen table, and some birds tell all our secrets to our dinner guests.

One Corgi decided to scare the daylights out of their owner by faking their death, and the photos had everyone on the internet fearing the worst. Luckily, this little guy is totally fine… if not a little sticky.

It’s Just A Classic Food Coma

Gody The Corgi had a seemingly routine day. Gody can routinely be found sleeping on his back, but his owners were shocked to find him covered in something red and sticky.

candi on his back covered in jam
Photo Credit: Facebook / Candy The Corgi
Photo Credit: Facebook / Candy The Corgi