These Cats Are So Melodramatic They Could Get An Oscar

If you know anything about cats then you’re probably familiar with all their strange behavior. When cats react to things, what happens next is often not what we’d expect. This collection of dramatic kitties only goes to show that cats are the most attitudinal house pets around. From pretending to die to meeting new babies, you’ll see that these cats are so melodramatic that they probably deserve an Oscar for their performances.

Makin’ My Way Downtown

This cat clearly didn’t know what it was getting itself into when it agreed to get in the car with his human and his canine sibling. The look in this cat’s eyes spells fear, bewilderment, and curiosity all in one!

dramatic cat riding in car

Looks like its canine sibling is completely unamused by this road trip, which tells us that maybe they’re going to the vet. Perhaps this cat just realized that as well.